A truly brilliant sound experience !

  Posted February 19, 2019

GN ReSound

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A truly brilliant sound experience from GN ReSound


Appreciate the moments that matter most with brilliant sound quality. Exceptional sound quality when streaming from your audio devices. Gain access to professional fine-tuning & personalisation. Keep going all-day with the world’s longest-lasting rechargeable solution.

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The best Hearing Aids from ReSound

LiNX Quattro

A new high-performing chip platform that takes sound quality to the next level.

The ReSound LiNX Quattro combines brilliant sound quality, unrivalled full-spectrum streaming, support and optimisation from anywhere with ReSound Assist and the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution.

With access to the highest input dynamic range in the industry, 116 dB SPL and extended frequency bandwidth, up to 9.5 kHz, there are virtually no limits to the brilliant sound experience of ReSound LiNX Quattro.



Hear4U are a group of fully qualified audiologists within the Leicestershire and Warwickshire area.

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UK Veterans Hearing Help

The UK Veterans Hearing Help have been helping Veterans receive up to £4,000 worth of funding for brand new, top of the range Hearing Aids.


Healthscreen UK

Healthscreen UK Ltd provide a fully comprehensive range of Occupational Health Services from Health Surveillance to Biological Monitoring.

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Professionally qualified Audiologists in The Midlands!

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