Avoiding Burns In The Workplace

  Posted May 24, 2019

Thermal burns, chemical burns and electrical burns are very common in the workplace, but they can also be easily avoided!

Here are five tips workers and employers should know for preventing burn-related injuries in the workplace.

1. Employers should follow the correct rules and safety techniques regularly to all employees. Employees should be aware of this information at all times. Prevention is key to preventing burns in the workplace.

2. Workers should take extra precaution when they are near hot surfaces, handling hot oil or grease. Reaching across surfaces, transporting hot materials and dumping hot liquids can be disastrous if a worker is not careful.

3. Wearing the correct PPE and clothing can make all the difference. Fire resistant materials, such as wool, in clothing, are known for helping to prevent burns to the body. The proper gloves, shoes and eye protection should also be worn.

4. Accidents do happen. Make sure the workplace has properly functioning fire-extinguishing equipment, first aid kits and eyewash stations. It is important that employees are aware of where safety stations are located in the event of an accident.

5. While on the job, everyone should be continually aware of their surroundings and movements. Shortcuts and an unfocused mind can lead to fires or burns. Always monitor every situation with a preventative mindset.

As an employer, what should you do about it?

Employers have a duty to assess the risk of skin problems developing in their workplace, putting controls in place to prevent problems, and arranging health surveillance if the risk cannot be eliminated.  If you have staff who need to wash their hands regularly, need gloves to protect their hands,  handle soaps, detergents or are in contact with chemicals, then you almost certainly should be providing regular health surveillance.

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