Colin and Lydia drop in to the Aero Legends Battle of Britain weekend

  Posted July 9, 2019

Colin and Lydia our star ambassadors, joined thousands at the Aero Legends Battle of Britain weekend in Kent and had the opportunity of seeing a plethora of air displays as well as static aircraft and vehicles spread over the Headcorn Airfield.  Both took the opportunity of meeting Veterans with a hearing loss as a result of military Service and were able to add to the many who have taken up the opportunity of gaining a better way of life.  UKVHH was one of the few charities at the event and, so many said that they were not aware of the RBL Veterans Hearing Fund and were so grateful that we were able to give them a start to the journey of a better quality of life.

Fortunately the weather was kind over the weekend and Sunday proved to be the better day for both displays and Veterans reached.  The noise of the aircraft flying around at low height and many in formation, showed the level of noise experienced by those who worked closely to them.  Nostalgia was in the air (excuse the pun) giving those who enjoyed the show an historic view of how life was during both the World Wars particularly with the air defence capability available at that time.

Their next visit will be to the RNAS International Air Show this coming weekend and no doubt, the opportunity of advising and directing Veterans with a hearing loss to a better quality of life for both them and their families.



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