Colin and Lydia get the bird!

  Posted July 22, 2019

Colin and Lydia joined the crowds at the Festival of the Forties Show in March, Cambridgeshire to make Veterans aware of the first class facilities that UKVHH can offer to those suffering from a hearing loss as a result of military Service.  Kind weather during the weekend encouraged many visitors to the site who were entertained by a mock battle with the 101st Airborne Brigade and a small German Army counterpart.  This was enhanced by a short visit from the BBMF Spitfire on Saturday and a Hurricane on Sunday.  A link was made with a Veteran who suffered from severe PTSD as well as a hearing loss who offered to help with the charity by his new found love for Birds of Prey.

A great opportunity to meet up with Veterans was added to when the March Veterans Breakfast Club Chairperson visited Colin and Lydia(see photo) shortly followed by members of the Ely and Cambridge Clubs.  They were extremely impressed with the professionalism of UKVHH and have great intentions of working with our organisation and, will inform other local Clubs of the outstanding care and after-care provided to Veterans with a hearing loss resulting from military Service.

Another great event attended by our arduous team and once again, a high number of Veterans taking up the journey to a better quality of life.  What’s next you may ask?



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