Colin and Lydia light up the skies in Bournemouth

  Posted September 2, 2019

Colin and Lydia joined in the fun at the Bournemouth Air Show 2019 with over 10,000 visitors entertained by a magic display of aircraft, ships and tanks as well as many other different types of entertainment.  They were able to reach out to many Veterans attending the show and give advice, direction and even apply for funding from the RBL Veterans Hearing Fund for hearing aids which will enhance their way of life as well as there partners.

The Army was not to be left out with a great display from the Red Devils who took on the challenge of a night drop from 5,000 with some spectacular pyrotechnics.  A few Tanks and Artillery were dotted on the sand to enhance their visibility to the crowd

The RN had a real presence at the show with two rather large ships docked out in the bay however, the highlight of the show was the night firework display from an aircraft and helicopter – unique to the Bournemouth Air Show.  Fortunately the weather remained kind throughout and a great time was had by all those attending.  It was a really successful event for UKVHH who are now helping a plethora of Veterans all over the UK.



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