Hearing Aid Receivers

  Posted April 29, 2019

What is a Receiver?

If you have a Receiver in Canal type hearing aid (RIC), the ‘receiver’ or speaker, goes in to your ear canal, and is connecting to the main hearing aid by an electronic wire.

In instruments with external receivers, the core components of the hearing aid are left in a standard BTE housing while the receiver is mounted on a soft dome or a custom shell inserted in the ear canal. Using an external receiver saves space in the main housing of the instrument, so the BTE part can be dramatically reduced in size.

Each manufacturer have different receivers, and each receiver varies based on power required, size and some other factors.

Each user varies on how often they need to replace their receivers, but it’s recommended to change your receiver at least once a year in order to maximize the benefits of your hearing aids.

At HEAR4U, we stock receivers by Oticon, Phonak/Unitron, Widex and GN ReSound.

By following the below link you can see the receivers available.

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