Hearing Protection for Musicians

  Posted March 26, 2019

If you are a musician are you thinking about hearing protection?  It is common knowledge that exposure to loud music can result in hearing damage, which could become permanent.

In the past, musicians who were already suffering hearing damage used hearing protectors, but as education around the damage prolonged exposure to loud sound becomes more wide spread, more musicians who do not report hearing loss symptoms are choosing to protect their hearing.

It may seem odd to block out sound when sound is what you want and need to hear! But that is not the case.

Hearing protection for musicians include specially made custom earplugs designed to limit the damaging effects of noise to a safe level, but does not distort the overall sound.  Elacin ER ear plugs attenuates no more sound than is absolutely necessary, allowing natural acoustics to remain intact.

When a sound level is increased by just 3dB, the intensity of the sound doubles. When the sound intensity doubles, the safe listening time is halved. Listening to 100dB sounds for longer than only 15 minutes per day will start to cause damage to your hearing. Do something before it is too late!

At hearingaidaccessories.com, part of Hear4U, we will take impressions of your ears for the most perfect fitting hearing protection. Elacin ER hearing protection is gentle on your ear, made from a soft silicone, ensuring a comfortable fit every time. They are also available in three interchangeable levels of attenuation and a variety of colours, so you can ensure they are perfect for you!

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Hearing Protection for Musicians




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