It’s Time To Start Taking Your Hearing Seriously.

  Posted February 28, 2019

Around 40% of over 50’s in the UK have some degree of hearing loss. For the majority, this is as a result of the wear and tear to the tiny hair cells within the inner ear alongside other factors like exposure to loud noise.

Unfortunately, many people are hesitant to accept their hearing loss for fear it makes them seem ‘old’. But it’s time to start taking your hearing health seriously, no matter what age you are.

The hearing is one of the 5 basic human senses, through hearing, information is sent to the brain in order for us to understand and perceive the world around us.

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, struggle to understand conversation in noisy environments, or even increasing the volume on your radio or television then you might have a degree of hearing loss. It’s time to take action. Take control of your hearing.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation should consist of several elements. These can include; an audiometric test, speech audiometry to measure your ability to recognise speech, tympanometry which is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and the conduction bones by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal. Finally, acoustic reflex threshold testing – this test measures how the stapedius muscle contracts in response to a loud sound.

The results of your audiometry tests will be recorded on a form called an audiogram. The audiogram reflects your hearing loss in frequencies and decibels.

It is important that your audiologists take the time necessary to understand your concerns so that they can provide you with everything you need to make an informed, personal decision. It’s as important to them as it is to you to bring your hearing back and restore your quality of life.

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