Let’s not take things for granted – Part 3

  Posted March 11, 2019

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been around for much longer than we realise for example there are records of trauma dating back as far as 1761 if not further with records of soldiers showing signs of nostalgia and, not only does it have many different names it also has many different guises.  Popularly known as Post Traumatic Neurosis for well over two hundred years in the UK with symptoms being diagnose even earlier so this is not something new within the field of the military and, even extends to everyday life.  I as the writer am not a medical specialist and therefore, not qualified to assess and diagnose what PTSD is and how it affects people in different ways.

 Since 1980 the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the acceptable terminology however, this is not what it is about it is more of what is being done about it.  The UK military has been extremely active in operations since 1982 and, as a result, the number of Serving personnel suffering from PTSD has grown rapidly over the years however, lack of public funding has not been able to cope with the increase in personnel suffering. Fortunately, a number of charities have taken on the task of looking after Veterans who suffer from PTSD which include the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and of course our partner, Combat Stress.

Many of the charities involved with PTSD have fully qualified specialists in the area and are well established in providing help and assistance for those who take up the offer of help.  These meeting centres find that holding group session helps with stress levels however, there is a hidden element that can be missed or is not apparent.  UK Veterans Hearing Help met up with Combat Stress Management Teams to discuss how hearing loss can affect those that are suffering from PTSD.  This was particularly apparent in the group session as some Veterans could not hear what was being said by others, or they felt left out because they were embarrassed to say that they could not hear or take part.  This had an obvious effect on their recovery and can often generate even higher stress levels through frustration and increase anxiety. Remember you cannot easily know that someone is suffering from a hearing loss.

A partnership was agreed by Combat Stress and UK Veterans Hearing Help where Veterans who are suffering a hearing loss as a result of military Service and, are willing to enjoy a better quality of life, can be looked after by the hearing trust specialists.  This is not a financial partnership but one more of the ability to refer those in need and indeed, if we meet any Veteran that is also suffering from PTSD, and they are in agreement, we make contact with Combat Stress.

In essence, we are working together to ensure that our Veterans are afforded the best level of treatment by experts in their own fields and remember, all of this is free to Veterans of our Armed Services.



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