Let’s not take things for granted – Part Four

  Posted March 25, 2019

It is a well-known fact that 41% of Veterans both young and old suffer from an element of loneliness and isolation as a result of leaving the military and find it difficult to adjust to the civilian way of life.  Most cannot share this with family or friends which often generates a level of stress and anxiety.  A great strength of military service is the team ethos, sense of being a part of a group with a common purpose and shared values.  This valued comradeship is turned off the moment you hand in your uniform and walk out of the gates.

This can be further compounded by suffering from a hearing loss as a result of military Service and, generates even more stress and inner feeling of frustration.  UK Veterans Hearing Help are aware that there are those that suffer in silence which is why they have set up a partnership with Woody’s Lodge in Wales who, incidentally have extended their care to North Wales with their main outlet in Barry, Glamorgan.  Woody’s Lodge is a social hub, which guides veterans to the help & support they need to re-engage with their families and communities. Their vision is to create an inviting meeting space for those who have served within the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, where they can receive expert support & advice as well as the chance to connect with new and old friends & family.

Together we can ensure that Veterans who attend the lodge and also suffering from a hearing loss, that they are provided with the highest level of support. Although this partnership is quite young, we have already started to help those who enjoy the facilities available to them.

As a charity UK Veterans Hearing Help is there for you and with the ability to utilise the Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Fund, can improve your quality of life by accessing first class hearing devices and, yes at no cost to our deserving Veterans.  You may find that with hearing assistance, your confidence will come back and that transition to civilian life made that much easier particularly if you are able to become involved with such charities like Woody’s Lodge and let’s not forget the numerous Breakfast Clubs dotted around the UK



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