Let’s not take things for granted

  Posted February 26, 2019

Life in the military can be glamorous especially when visiting or being posted to locations overseas where there is sun, sea, sand and of course sound.  The level of dedication by the British military is second to none and the training, skill-set and desire to succeed make us one of the best of the best.

The only issue we have in being the best is that we tend to get on with the job and, do not always use or have the equipment available to protect us totally.  In fact on operations where there is a fire fight taking place, who remembers to put in ear defenders when there is a tremendous level of noise all around.   Furthermore, wearing ear defenders can be a rather negative option as you are not able to hear commands, hear where the weapons being fired at you are coming from and more importantly, radio comms when the going gets tough.

How many who have undertaken operations, weapon firing, preparing aircraft and working in a noisy engine room to get a ship to a battle zone, have been left with a ringing in their ears for hours to come soon after.  The silence experienced when it all stops is deafening and sometimes it is difficult even to hear or understand our colleagues due to the sound still bouncing around our heads.  What is never considered is the long-term effects this can have on our hearing as our ears are not designed to absorb high levels of noise continuously.

During our military service, we do not even consider this as an issue and it only becomes apparent when we leave and return to a life of peace and tranquillity without loud explosions or constant noise levels.  Hearing loss cannot be seen and those who suffer tend to compensate by turning up the radio or television or even have our mobile phones set at a high volume.  In other words we adjust without thinking on why listening to a conversation in a group is much harder to hear.

If that is you then we can help, UK Veterans Hearing Help has been set up to assist our Veterans to obtain a better quality of life and, what is more important is that the high tech equipment we source for you costs you nothing.  Why not get in touch with us and ask a few nagging questions after all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Both Vickie and Chloe are there to help and advise you so give them a call on 01455234600 or email them at info@uk-veterans-hearing-help.co.uk



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