Meet Healthscreens Results Team.

  Posted March 15, 2019

Together Everyone Achieves More


Within the results team we are broken down into two different departments – Results and Logistics.
We all work very close together and constantly liaise throughout the day to ensure we are working at the best of our ability.

Natasha and Lori –                                                                                                                                                   

The results are completed by Natasha and Lori, both of which work very closely with our head nurse Susan. Both Natasha and Lori ensure customer care is given throughout the full reporting process – from when the technicians leave site to when the referrals are handed over.

Results prosses –

Once the technicians have left site, they will then pass the results over to the reports team in the Healthscreen head office. Natasha or Lori will sort through the results and ensure they are in alphabetical order for the nurse to oversee.


Once the nurse has completed this process, she will then liaise with both girls so they can complete the results table. This process is completed within 7 working days, so communication, speed and performance are key skills.


Natasha and Lori will then take the information from the Technicians and Nurse to make a results report for each of our clients stating the fitness of their employees. When the report is completed the girls will make sure that if they have an employee who is unfit the referral sheet is fully completed ready to hand over to the referrals team.


An invoice will also be made to send over to the employer. Natasha and Lori will email the employer with the results report, referrals sheets, invoice, payments details and any GP letters required. If the nurse requests an employee to be retested in a certain amount of time, the girls will inform the employer and the logistics team so the employee can be rebooked in.



Joy  heads our Logistics division and is also the results team leader. She’s works closely with Natasha and Lori helping to make sure everything runs smoothly for all our clients on site and with the results team.



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