Navy War Veteran no longer suffers in silence with his hearing and as they say “all ship shape and Bristol fashion”

  Posted March 14, 2019


Mr Michael Stage was found to have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears which appears to be sensori neural in nature but beyond bone conduction ability at most frequencies.  A Royal Navy War Veteran, Mr Stage served as a Signalman using an Aldis Lamp to communicate with other ships therefore, spent most of his time on deck where noise levels were high and very constant particularly when the huge guns on board were fired, or mines were exploded close by.  For a great deal of his Service time (1943 to 1946) he worked on mine sweepers and in the latter years, on Buoy Laying ships which marked out the safe passage for ship traffic after the minesweepers had cleared the area.  Although the noise was constant including the loud clicking of the signalling lamp, he hardly noticed this as it was a part of everyday life for him.

Mr Stage’s hearing is now affecting him daily and living in a Care Home, he struggles to communicate with the Carers who also struggle to get him to understand them.  He has difficulty in communicating with his son who has helped him with his application for a more advanced set of hearing aids using the Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Fund.  He also finds it difficult or forgets to change the batteries in his current NHS hearing aids, often leaving him without the use of them altogether.  Furthermore, this is compounded with Carers not being able to help him with the moulds and tubes which, is proving extremely frustrating for those who care and see him as well as himself.

Mr Stage has been fitted with a Phonak B90 hearing system with custom moulds not only to assist with speech in his environment but being rechargeable, will take away the need to replace the batteries.  His Carers have been advised on how to recharge them for him which is a benefit both to him and introduces the correct safety measures required when charging them.  To ensure a good level of after-care, Mr Care will be visited every 3-4 months to change the tubes and ensure that his new devices are giving him a much better quality of life.

Mr Stage is delighted with the immediate improvement in his hearing – and was amazed that he could hear his own voice as well!  His son was so relieved because he always found it embarrassing that everyone around could always hear his Dad very loud and clear.  His smile says it all!




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