Sometimes We Take Things For Granted

  Posted February 15, 2019

Not so long ago I stood outside in my garden admiring the beautiful sunset and listening to the birds happily chirping away in the background but what if you had not heard birdsong in over twenty years? To me the sound of the birds singing was more of a background addition and something that I hear every day living in the countryside.  I watched as a small aircraft flew over my house adding to the sounds that I am accustom to but what if I could see it but not hear it.  The bees busy as usual on my garden flowers buzzing away as they do but a missing element to those who have a hearing loss.

Veterans and indeed others due to the range of hearing loss cannot hear those sounds and, as a deaf impediment it is something that they accept as a normal way of life.  Impartial deafness is invisible to the naked eye and, those with normal hearing, think that they hear what we do which is so far from reality.  Assisted hearing devices can change all that and, of course make a great different to a person both in confidence and in fact introduce sounds that were long forgotten as their hearing level changed for the worse.  Veterans themselves are subjected to extreme loud noises which is not only constant in some arenas but damaging over a period of time.  

The expression ‘they suffer in silence’ is not limited to those with a hearing loss but to their loved ones, partners and of course colleagues who think they are communicating but invariably only hearing half of what has been said or nothing at all.  Most recently after a Veteran had his funded hearing devices fitted, he wrote back saying with tears in his eyes “for the first time in year I have heard the birds sing in my garden and also could hear a light aircraft take off from the nearby airfield.  Why have I waited so long to get my life sorted out?”

UK Veterans Hearing Help is there just to change that lifestyle and of course for Veterans who qualify under the current directives, at no cost to each individual who wants to walk the path of change.  If you are on those who are suffering from a hearing loss, drop us a line or give us a call; we are “Hear to Help”



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