Spirometry Referrals

  Posted March 1, 2019

Here at Healthscreen UK, we offer 2 types of Spirometry Referrals.

After one of our technician’s have done the initial assessment, if any of the employee’s have been diagnosed with a potential problem, they are then passed onto the referrals department.

The employees that have been referred can either have a paper-based referral or a face to face referral.

Below is an explanation of the referral process for a Spirometry Referral;


Lung Function Referrals – Paper Based

We send the paperwork to one of our OHP’s who then reviews/analyses their lung graphs further, along with their employee questionnaire to give the OHP an idea on the employees working background, personal background etc. that could be affecting their Spirometry.

The OHP then writes a report for each employee on how you can support them and advises on how to help prevent the employee from deteriorating.

  • Where there are concerns that the employee may not be fit to undertake their duties but are still at work.
  • A work plan with details of any recommendations for adjustments to support the employee, if necessary.
  • To assess if the employee is permanently unfit for their job/working environment or a similar job/working environment.


Lung Function Referrals – Face to Face

These are face to face appointments with an OHP. They will go through the results of the original surveillance and the technician’s findings with the employee. They will then ask questions about their medical history along with any current medical health issues they may have. The OHP will then ask what their job entails and what potential hazards, if any, there are within their working environment. The OHP will provide a full written report with advice on control measures, how to keep the employee safe within the work place and whether they are able to continue in their current positions or need reasonable adjustments to be made.

Please contact the referrals department 01455 234600 option 1 if you require any further information.



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