Tips for driving safely with hearing loss

  Posted March 5, 2019

Before you go…

  • Maintain your hearing aids. Feedback from hearing aids is a major distraction. Visit your hearing care practitioner regularly, for check-ups and cleanings. Tell them if you’re experiencing feedback or other concerns.
  • Be sure that your hearing aid batteries are fresh. We recommend that hearing aid wearers always carry a spare set of batteries along when leaving the house. If your batteries begin to signal that they are low while you’re driving, do not attempt to change them while the vehicle is in motion. Instead, pull over to a safe area and change them.

While driving, reduce the volume on the car radio and ask passengers to keep conversation noise to a minimum. Today’s vehicles are built to reduce road noise, which is good news for those with hearing loss. Anytime you can reduce the variety of noises competing for your attention, the better you’ll be able to hear the ones you need to.

Whether you hear well or have some degree of hearing loss, driving comes with a lot of responsibility. That means anytime you improve your driving skills, you reduce the risk of becoming an accident statistic and help make our roads safer. Reduce distractions and rely on visual clues.




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