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  Posted February 19, 2019

Mr Blanchard served in the Royal Anglian Regiment for just under twenty years where he specialised in dismounted close combat with the most up-to-date weapon systems and equipment.  In addition, he was required to use communication equipment which, combined with his use of small weapon systems, exposed him to constant noise in a very close proximity.  All this was undertaken without the use of hearing protection and over time, had an adverse effect on his hearing.

On testing Mr Blanchard was found to have a symmetrical sensori neural loss in both ears particularly in the high frequencies that was severe/profound and compounded by tinnitus in both ears and resulted in dizzy spells.  This was dealt with by the NHS however, the Tinnitus overpowers the hearing aids issued by the NHS as they amplified all the noises he was experiencing.  Furthermore, he had to stand close to colleagues he was conversing with and often had to ask them to repeat themselves.  This he found embarrassing as he felt that he was invading their personal space.  Frustratingly, he had to listen to the television at a high volume which certainly did not impress his wife.  What is clearly affecting his life is the Tinnitus and his current hearing aids cannot take away that constant noise particularly in his left ear.


Mr Blanchard was fitted with a GN Resound Quattro binaural hearing system as his hearing loss and Tinnitus would need the highest level of technology to ensure he could hear clearly.  In addition, this system would allow him to have full control of the hearing aids and the way that they operate.  The additional TV Streamer which is also usable with a stereo system or computer, allows Mr Blanchard to enjoy sound again and certainly brought back the smile to his Wife’s face.

No doubt in a few weeks and having adjusted to the new devices, Mr Blanchard will experience a new level of hearing and of course a much-improved quality of life.



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