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  Posted April 10, 2019


Our testimonials inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing!

Our testimonials mean the world to us. When we hear what a customer has to say about Hear4U, it inspires us to continue what we do. It’s very rare that somebody leaves Hear4U unhappy and we would like to keep it that way! Let us know if you had a good experience with us so others can too!

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Here is what some of our many happy customers have said about us!

 Peter Silvester

I had my appointment with Tyler for the micro suction and she made it so easy to remove the wax from my ear. Thank you and I will be booking to have the other ear done next week. It was nice to have a coffee on arrival.

 Joanne Conquest

Today I received impeccable care and service from “Hear4U” Lovely relaxed and pleasant surroundings. I was very nervous at the thought of Micro suction as when I received treatment the first time at a different private clinic it was very uncomfortable. Anjam was very caring and assuring and she really put me at ease. I had nothing to worry about! State of the art technology was used and I could see my ears through the computer screen. She explained everything to me clearly throughout the whole procedure. Money well spent! Highly recommended.Thank you.

Facebook User

After suffering from 6 weeks of hearing loss due to a virus and subsequent build up of wax, I had the wonderful Paris come out to my home. I suffer with many health problems and Paris dealt with it very well she was patient, calm, kind and professional with me, and above all didn’t rush me. Couldn’t recommend her enough Thankyou.

Facebook User

Had an appointment with Roger today for Microsuction in both ears 🙂 Really impressed. Was made to feel very comfortable and it really wasn’t very uncomfortable at all 🙂 now I can hear much better and don’t have a constant headache! 🙂

 Jean Tressler

My husband visited the Rothwell branch and had an Ear test with Rosie who was very informative, professional and friendly. He would recommend her to any prospective customer.

Facebook User

Only found out about this place after a hair appointment yesterday and my hairdresser recommended you. Went today and had the micro suction treatment and now I can hear after a week of no hearing in one ear. Donna was very friendly and explained everything she was going to do. Would definitely recommend. Thank you x

 June Thompson

I was able to get an immediate appointment and was very impressed with the service, in pleasant and relaxing surroundings. I was unsure which method of wax removal to use, and after Roger explained everything very clearly I opted for micro suction. This was quick and painless (and interesting, with the video footage!) I would certainly recommend Hear4U in Hinckley to others.

Facebook User

very professional and Sam was lovely thank u xx

Eddie Griffith

I used to go to my doctor’s surgery to have my ears unblocked. However, I always had to wait several days dealing with frustrating deafness before I could get an appointment. On a couple of occasions, they just seemed totally reluctant to do it and sent me straight home without even attempting any removal saying that the wax was too hard and that I needed to keep adding more olive oil. So even more days of living with deafness before making yet another appointment. Nowadays I don’t even bother with the doctor’s surgery. I just go straight to Hear4U. There’s no messing about. Can usually get an appointment in less than 48 hours and the removal process is quick and totally painless. Very much a positive “can do” attitude and an all round pleasurable and professional service. Worth every penny.

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